List of video games I like to watch being played

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While I usually prefer to be the one playing a game, there are some games that I enjoy just as much to watch. Sometimes I even prefer to watch the game rather than play it. These games tend to be ones that are visually appealing and ones at which I am by no means an expert. I find an amount of joy and awe in seeing someone run through an especially difficult game.

Title Example Description
Dance Dance Revolution Maxx Unlimited Doubles There are two reasons I like watching this game being played. First, I like seeing experts easily pound out a 10-footer. Second, it's only when you watch the game being played can you actually pay attention to the background animations.
Dr. Mario Hardest Difficulty Either on the hardest difficulty, or two experts head-to-head. I'm amazed at how fast people can think on their feet, and how effective they are at predicting where the broken pills will fall.
Ninja Gaiden Longplay Ninja Gaiden has some serious flaws that prevent me from ever trying to get good at it, but, when played by an expert, it's a lot of fun to watch. The cut scenes add a narrative to a screen full of enemies and impossible jumps.
OutRun All Endings Specifically the original arcade cabinet. As a general rule, I'm terrible at racing games, and don't enjoy them enough to ever try to get good at them. OutRun was one of those games in the 1980s that really impressed me with the barrage of large sprites constantly racing toward the player. Also, the game has really nice music that, when the player avoids crashing, goes on for several minutes before repeating.
Super Mario Bros. Speed Run Specifically, a run through without warps where the player hits most of the power-ups and demonstrates glitches.
Tetris Crazy Good It usually doesn't matter which version. I like to watch expert players on very difficult levels where the blocks are falling at an insane speed, and yet they still sometimes manage to get a tetris.
Tetris Attack Longplay Either two experts dueling head-to-head, or someone playing Bowser at the highest difficulty setting. The amount of stuff moving around the screen in insane, and I don't know how the players can keep track of it.