List of winnable Atari 2600 games

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This is a list of winnable Atari 2600 games. This includes games that have a proper ending as well as games which stop working or stop counting score after a particular number is reached. However, it does not include games where the score rolls over back to zero.

Title Notes
Activision Decathlon
Adventure The game ends when you bring the enchanted chalice into the golden castle.
Black Jack You break the bank when you reach $1,000.
Dark Chambers
Death Trap
Dolphin Game freezes when your score reaches 299,990.
Double Dragon
Escape From MindMaster
Fatal Run
Frankenstein's Monster
Ghost Manor
Haunted House
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jammed A homebrew.
Marble Craze A homebrew.
Masters of the Universe
Mean Santa A homebrew.
Megamania The game freezes when your score reaches 999,999.
Nitebear On Sleepystreet A homebrew.
Pepsi Invaders
Pitfall! The game freezes when you collect all 32 treasures.
Pitfall! 2 The game ends when you reach your pet monkey.
Private Eye
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Riddle of the Sphinx
River Raid The game freezes when your score reaches 999,999.
Robot Tank
Secret Quest
Shuttle Orbiter
Skeleton A homebrew.
Skeleton+ A homebrew.
Space Shuttle
Spider Fighter The score stops incrementing when it reaches 900,000
Spikes Peak
Survival Island
Sword of Saros
Swordquest Earthworld
Swordquest Fireworld
Swordquest Waterworld
Video Chess
Video Checkers