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Title screen.

Little Tower is a very short horror-themed text adventure developed and published by Verhille Arnaud for the Apple I in September 2000. It was written in 6502 assembly. Based on the version number, the game is not complete, and, based on the date, it never will be.


I played the game to better familiarize myself with Apple I software. I beat the game in 2022-09-20 on my second attempt after only a few minutes.

The game was released as freeware and is open source.


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Best Version: Apple I

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • As far as text adventures on the Apple I go, this is your only option.


  • The game doesn't give very useful responses to bad entries. If you type a command that is invalid or a word is unrecognized, you just get a blank line.
  • The commands LOOK and EXAMINE, although they sound like they would do the same thing, actually do different things. LOOK repeats the room description, while EXAMINE is used to look closely at objects within the room. I found this confusing when I first played the game.
  • In order to mimic text adventures of the platform's era, death is always swift and unexpected.
  • The dialogue suffers from Engrish.


  • If you know what you're doing, you can beat the game in a few seconds. I not, a few minutes. There are only a couple inventory puzzles and just six rooms. The game has more potential, but it was never finished.




Little Tower was released as open source, so I'm including it here.


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