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Liz Phair is the self-titled fourth studio album by Liz Phair. It was released on 2003-06-24 on CD. The album was a pretty big departure in style from her first three lo-fi albums because Phair used several pop producers to alter her style due to a strong demand from her publisher. This was very polarizing to fans and critics alike, however, it was the pop style that allowed Liz Phair to expand her popularity enough for me to learn who she was, and allow me to become more familiar with her earlier work which I otherwise would probably never have heard about. For certain, the album sounds far more like a teen pop album than what would be considered appropriate for a woman in her mid-30s, but a pop-sound doesn't mean pop-content. Several of the songs have the socially unacceptable content common with Phair exploring topics such as cum facials, older women hooking up with teenage boys, and a mother's fear for her child after a divorce.


I don't remember which songs off this album originally hooked me, probably Rock Me, Extraordinary, or Love/Hate, but I eventually bought the album and loved most of the songs.


I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

All songs are sung by Liz Phair.

Track Title Composers
01 Extraordinary Liz Phair, Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, Scott Spock
02 Red Light Fever Liz Phair, Gary Clark
03 Why Can't I? Liz Phair, Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, Scott Spock
04 It's Sweet Liz Phair
05 Rock Me Liz Phair, Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, Scott Spock
06 Take a Look Liz Phair
07 Little Digger Liz Phair
08 Firewalker Liz Phair
09 Favorite Liz Phair, Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, Scott Spock
10 Love/Hate Liz Phair
11 H.W.C. Liz Phair
12 My Bionic Eyes Liz Phair
13 Friend of Mine Liz Phair
14 Good Love Never Dies Liz Phair

Song Rank

This is the order in which I enjoy the songs from this album, and their individual song ratings.

Order Title Stars
1 Love/Hate 8
2 Why Can't I? 8
3 Rock Me 8
4 Favorite 8
5 Extraordinary 7
6 Friend of Mine 7
7 Red Light Fever 6
8 Little Digger 6
9 Firewalker 6
10 H.W.C. 6
11 It's Sweet 6
12 Take a Look 5
13 My Bionic Eyes 1
14 Good Love Never Dies 0

The album's total score is 769.


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