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Lone Wolf is a series of game books created by Joe Denver first published in 1984. The series grew to several dozen books before being canceled in 1998. However, with the help of fans on the Internet, the series remained popular and was eventually the old books were re-printed and new books were added to the series by various authors.

For Christmas in the late 1980s, my mother bought my brother and step-brother books 1 and 2 of the Lone Wolf series. My step-brother lived in a different state, so I wasn't able to read the first book, but, after my brother was bored with Fire On the Water, I read through it many times. A friend of mine in middle school had several of the books as well, and I enjoyed looking at the pictures in them, but never had a chance to read his books. In the early 2000s, I was at a used book shop and found several of the books for sale, including the first book that I had missed out on. I bought all they had and finally got to read what was only hinted to from the second book.

The author eventually freely released the books and they were made available on the Internet, and through an Android app, but I still haven't been interested enough to read that many. I have read and completed only the first four books.


Kai Series

In this series, the Kai monastery is destroyed, and you, Lone Wolf, the last of the Kai initiates, must warn Sommerlund and Durenor, determine who was behind the attack, and stop them.

Magnakai Series

In this series, you have found the Magnakai book, a Kai manual for the monks, but, in order to understand it and become a Kai master, you must collect the seven orbs scattered across Northern Magnamund all while aiding the war against the Darklords.

Grand Master Series

Despite Magnamund having mostly fallen to the Darklords, you are now a true Kai master. You must struggle to defeat the Darklords, and take the battle to the Plane of Darkness.

New Order Series

The New Order series features a new protagonist, a student of Lone Wolf. The series was canceled in 1998, but resurrected in 2016, and it has not yet been completed. Unlike the first three series, these books are not numbered.

The World of Lone Wolf

Books in this series were written by Ian Page and use different characters, though they are still set in the same world.

Other Books

Many other books have been written that take place in the Lone Wolf game world.





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