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A model 1 Lynx.

The Lynx is a fourth generation handheld video game console created by Atari and Epyx and released on 1989-09-01. It included several innovative features. It was the first color handheld video game console with interchangeable cartridges, and it had impressive color and a backlight. The button configuration allowed games to be played in portrait or landscape mode to take advantage of the rectangular screen (a feature later used by the WonderSwan). It's Comlynx cable would allow up to 15 Lynxes to be interconnected, though few games took advantage of this. The platform also had superior audio and graphics capabilities compared to the Game Boy, the only other rival at the time of its release.

However, despite the superior hardware, the Lynx had much shorter battery life, and was considerably larger than the Game Boy, both unwanted aspects of a portable console. A lack of interest from third party developers also prevented it from developing a decent library of games, and it never took off the way Atari wanted it to. The Game Gear was released a year later and ended up out-selling it, and the further saturated market preventing the Lynx from taking off. By 1995, Atari had discontinued the line unable to sell even 1,000,000 consoles, and fewer than 80 games were officially made for it.


I have never played a Lynx in real life, but I have played several games using emulators. I've never been impressed with any of its games.


I do not own, nor have I ever owned, a Lynx, but I have played around with it in emulators.


See all Lynx Games.

Most of the games released of the Lynx are existing arcade releases modified to work on the handheld. Some of them have interesting new features, but they're ultimately the same game. Because of this, I have yet to see a game on the Lynx that was important to me.


I don't know enough about the Lynx to write a review.




Lynx commercials.
Game Boy Works - Lynx 1989.
Game Boy Works - Lynx 1990 1.
Game Boy Works - Lynx 1990 2.


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