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MKVToolNix viewing a media file's contents.

MKVToolNix is a free open source cross-platform collection of media tools developed by Moritz Bunkus and first released on 2003-04-30. The software was primarily built to edit Matroska media containers, but it also works with MP4, AVI, and even RealMedia. The software is written in C++ and uses Qt5 for user interface.

Some of the features of MKVToolNix include:

  • Supports common media containers.
  • Add and remove audio and video tracks from a container without having to re-encode them.
  • Add and remove subtitles, menus, and chapter information.
  • Add, edit, and remove meta data.
  • Has pre-made binaries for 20 platforms.


While looking for a way to eliminate the unnecessary audio and video tracks from media files I had, I found this tool. I was surprised, not only at how easily it could clean up my files, but that it worked with all of the video formats I used it on. The program helped me save several gigabytes of space in my video folder by allowing me to eliminate unnecessary media in the containers.


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