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* [[Ultima VII: The Black Gate]]
* [[Ultima VII: The Black Gate]]
* [[Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness]]
* [[Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness]]
* [[Wolfenstein 3D]]
* [[Wolfenstein 3-D]]
===Programming Languages===
===Programming Languages===

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MS-DOS v6.22.

MS-DOS is a command line operating system developed and published by Microsoft in 1981. It was based on QDOS, and designed to run on IBM personal computers. It saw continual improvements and was released for a number of similar computers until it was finally superseded by Windows 95. Until the release of Windows 95, MS-DOS was the primary platform for IBM-compatible PC gaming.

My family's first computer came with MS-DOS 5.0, which we later upgraded to 6.22 after its release.

MS-DOS can be emulated in most virtual machines, but to also emulate various forms of popular hardware, you will need DOSBox.


The following is software developed for MS-DOS that is important to me.



See all DOS Games.

Programming Languages