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Make PDF Book is a JScript program that converts all of the JPEG images in the folder of the script into a single PDF document using ImageMagick. This script requires that ImageMagick be installed and able to be accessed as an object.


// © Copyright: Dean Tersigni, 2017.
// First Written: 2017-08-28
// Last updated: 2018-02-21
// This script uses Imagemagick to convert all the files in the input into a single PDF document based on the alphabetical order of the input files.
// Options:
//     sInput          - The input file skeleton, for example "*.jpg" or "Test*.png"
//     sOutput         - The file name of the final PDF.
//     iDPI            - The DPI of the PDF page. 72 is the standard size for digital display.
//     iQualityPercent - What JPEG quality percentage the images should be set to. If -1, they will retain their current setting.
//     lForceSize      - If true, all pages in the PDF will have a width and height matching iPageWidth and iPageHeight. Images larger than the specified dimensions will be cropped, smaller will get a white matte.
//     iPageWidth      - The width of all of the pages in the PDF. Only used if lForceSize is set to true.
//     iPageHeight     - The height of all of the pages in the PDF. Only used if lForceSize is set to true.

var sInput = "*.jpg";
var sOutput = "Book.pdf";
var iDPI = 72;
var iQualityPercent = -1;
var lForceSize = false;
var iPageWidth = -1;
var iPageHeight = -1;

var oIM = new ActiveXObject("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1");

if(lForceSize == true) {
	if(iQualityPercent == -1) {
		oIM.convert(sInput, "-gravity", "center", "-extent", iPageWidth.toString() + "x" + iPageHeight.toString(), "-density", iDPI.toString(), sOutput);
	} else {
		oIM.convert(sInput, "-gravity", "center", "-extent", iPageWidth.toString() + "x" + iPageHeight.toString(), "-quality", iQualityPercent.toString(), "-density", iDPI.toString(), sOutput);
} else {
	if(iQualityPercent == -1) {
		oIM.convert(sInput, "-gravity", "center", "-density", iDPI.toString(), sOutput);
	} else {
		oIM.convert(sInput, "-gravity", "center", "-quality", iQualityPercent.toString(), "-density", iDPI.toString(), sOutput);