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SimCity 2000 simulates the managing of a city.

A management simulator is a video game genre where the player assumes the role of a manager of something and makes decisions accordingly. Management simulators are often simply called "simulators," although, this often confuses them with flight simulators, vehicular combat, or other genres frequently described as "simulators."


Management simulators are among the oldest video games getting their start with electro-mechanical training simulators in the 1950s created by the military and businesses to train people for management positions. A lot of people enjoyed training simulators of this nature, but, probably the first title to really gamify the genre was Hamurabi (1968) which required the player to manage an ancient Sumerian city. Numerous similar titles were made over the next twenty years, but it wasn't until the huge success of SimCity (1989) that the genre became commonplace.


Because I was introduced to video games through the arcade and home consoles I didn't initially see any management simulators, which were initially only available on computers. It wasn't until the late-1980s that I started noticing them on other people's computers, but, I was mostly playing low-quality games, so none of them seemed that interesting to me. It wasn't until I first played SimCity that I became really interested in the genre, and went on a management simulator binge. However, it wasn't long before I became a bit bored with the genre as, once you become familiar with the interface and possible options, they're all fundamentally about min/maxing values.


This is a list of graphic adventures that are important to me. For all games in this genre, see the category.

Title Released Developer
Civilization V 2010-09-21 Firaxis Games
A Dark Room 2013-06-10 Doublespeak Games
Expeditions 1983-??-?? MECC
Glittermitten Grove 2016-12-26 Twinbeard
International Bridge Contractors 1981-04-?? Philip Case
Master of Magic 1994-09-?? Simtex
SimAnt 1991-12-06 Maxis
SimCity 1989-02-02 Maxis
SimCity (SNES) 1991-04-26 Maxis
SimCity 2000 1993-??-?? Maxis
Stronghold 1993-??-?? Stormfront Studios
The Yukon Trail 1994-??-?? MECC


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