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Maxis's logo.

Maxis is a video game company owned by Electronic Arts. It was originally founded as Maxis Software in 1987 by Will Wright and Jeff Braun. The company saw huge initial success with SimCity, but several of its subsequent releases fell flat, and, after the acquisition of Cinematronics failed to cover the investment, the company was acquired by EA in 1997. Unfortunately, EA had a habit of scaring away much of the creative talent of the companies it acquired at the time, and many people left the company. At first, EA began to eliminate the Maxis name, but it has since propped up the brand as a separate entity.

In the 1990s, I was a big fan of Maxis. My first experience with a game was SimAnt followed shortly by the SNES port of SimCity. Over the next few years, I played several other Sim games including the DOS port of SimCity, SimTower, SimFarm, SimCity 2000, and the unrelated, A-Train. Despite it's massive popularity, I have never played any of the games in The Sims series. I haven't played any of the new games released by Maxis, and, after hearing the horror stories about the failure of SimCity 2013, I have no intention of trying them. EA appears to have neutered Maxis anyway, and all they do is produce sequels to existing franchises without making anything new, which is really quite sad.


These are the Maxis games that are important to me.



Windows 3


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