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Micronics was a Japanese video game developer that appears to have existed from around 1985 to 1996. Nothing concrete is known about the company because they functioned as a ghost developer, taking contracts from video game publishers and porting existing games to home consoles or developing entirely new games without having their company name credited. Information about the company comes from game archeologists slowly piecing together their works based on the few games where the developers are credited or those where the developers secretly left their names in the game's ROMs. In 1993, the company appears to have changed its name to Khaos (perhaps an internal branch that worked on the SNES, or the developers left Micronics and formed their own company), but Khaos appears to have dissolved in 1996.

The company was most active in the last half of the 1980s and the early 1990s when several arcade companies hired Micronics to port their games onto the NES, and, later, to the SNES and Genesis. Some of the companies who hired Micronics include Taito, Capcom, SNK, and Pony Canyon.

Capcom used Micronics exclusively for their first several arcade conversions to the NES, but, thankfully, wised up and started making their own conversions. It's most likely that Micronics developed 1942, Exed Exes, SonSon, and Ghosts 'N Goblins, but, considering the low quality and buggy game play, it seems to me that they also ported Commando and Trojan, although, this may also be the result of Capcom developers getting used to the new hardware.


Nobody I knew had even heard of Micronics growing up, and it was only after becoming interested in video game research that I learned who they were and became aware of the games they developed. I had played several of them, but they were all pretty awful.



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