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===Programming Languages===
===Programming Languages===
* [[C-Sharp|C#]]
* [[C Sharp|C#]]
* [[GW-BASIC]]
* [[GW-BASIC]]
* [[QuickBASIC]]
* [[QuickBASIC]]

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Microsoft's logo.

Microsoft Corporation is an American tech company founded in 1975 and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA. The company began as a developer of programming languages, and slowly expanded to operating systems, office applications, entertainment, and a seller of hardware. They currently hold a dominant lead on the operating system of desktop computers with Windows.

I have been using Microsoft products since the late 1980s when I first encountered MS-DOS. My family's first computer came loaded with MS-DOS v5.0 and Windows 3.0 with media extensions. Since then, I have used nearly every subsequent version of DOS and Windows as well as a large variety of Microsoft office, programming, and gaming software. However, my use of Microsoft is not because I prefer their products, in general, I tend to hate them, and think they've steadily gotten worse in the past 15 years. Instead, I use Microsoft because they have such a huge market share, that it's difficult to have access to all the software I like without using their products.


These are programs that have a particular importance to me.


I used to use the majority of Microsoft applications, but over the years, I have found superior free replacements for nearly all of their apps.


Microsoft rarely develops games in-house, and instead pays third-party developers to make games for them, and then publishes them.


Windows 3


Operating Systems

Programming Languages



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