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Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2 is a package of multiple entertainment programs including seven single-player games and a screensaver developed and published by Microsoft for Windows 3 in 1991. This is the second title in the series. The various games were made by a variety of developers and included the following:

Title Game Type Developer
FreeCell FreeCell solitaire Jim Horne
IdleWild (7 new screensavers) Screen saver Bradford Christian
JigSawed Jigsaw puzzle Tito Messerli
Pipe Dream Port of Pipe Mania Wes Cherry
Rattler Race Snake game Christopher Lee Fraley
Rodent's Revenge Block-pushing game Christopher Lee Fraley
Stones Tile game Michael C. Miller
Tut's Tomb Pyramid solitaire Rick LaPlante

Although FreeCell is often thought of as a default Windows game, it wasn't included in Windows until the 32-bit release of Windows 3.1.


I never owned Entertainment Pack 2, but occasionally I would use a computer that had the pack loaded on it and play the games. I have beaten FreeCell, JigSawed, and Tut's Tomb.


I do not own this title.


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Best Version: Windows 3

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • There is a fairly decent assortment of games. Two card games, active and passive puzzle games, and and action video game.
  • Even though it was rare at the time, some of the programs take into account display sizes beyond 640x480 resolution.


  • All of the games are casual, so they're all lacking depth.
  • The programs are lacking media being mostly devoid of music, sound effects, and animation.
  • Being mostly dependent on puzzle games, the collection is pretty slow-paced.
  • JigSawed is a pretty unimpressive jigsaw puzzle game.


  • Nothing.



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