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Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 is a package of seven video games of assorted genres developed and published by Microsoft for Windows 3 in 1992. This is the fourth title in the series. The was the first Entertainment Pack that did not feature IdleWild. The various games were made by a variety of developers and included the following:

Title Game Type Developer
Chess Board game David Norris
Chip's Challenge Port of the original Tony Krueger
Dr. Black Jack Card game Mike Baylock
Go Figure! Math game Dave Hunt
Jezz Ball Like Qix. Dima Pavlovsky
Maxwell's Maniac Pong-like Dima Pavlovsky
Tic Tac Drop A variant of Connect Four Glenn Bulat, Troy Strain


I didn't own Entertainment Pack 4, but a couple of my friends did. This pack didn't impress me that much since I'm not a big fan of chess or black jack, and JezzBall and Maxwell's Maniac were too similar to older games which played much better. The only thing that impressed me was Chip's Challenge, which I didn't know was a port at the time, but that too got stale pretty quickly.


I do not own this title. I have beat several configurations of Tic Tac Drop on advanced difficulty.


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3 3 3 1 6

Best Version: Windows 3

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • There is a fairly decent assortment of games. A card game, board game, math game, a couple action games, and some puzzle games.


  • None of the games have much depth.
  • Excluding Chip's Challenge, the programs are lacking media being mostly devoid of music, sound effects, and animation.
  • Although several of the games could have easily benefited from multiplayer, they're mostly single player games.
  • Most of the games don't account for display sizes beyond 640x480 resolution.


  • Nothing.



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