Misinformation religious people tell their children

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Misinformation religious people tell their children is a collection of general topics that religious people discuss with their children where they misinform their children either out of ignorance or purposely lying.

Big bang

Misinformation: The big bang theory is based on weak scientific ground, and many scientists disagree with it. My god miraculously created the universe.
Reality: The big bang theory is currently the only cosmological model of the history of the universe that fits the majority of observed data. It is based on several observable facts and nearly all scientists in the field of cosmology accept it. They're no longer asking if it happened, they're asking how it happened.

Climate change

Misinformation: Climate change isn't happening, and if it is, humans aren't to blame, and if they are, there's nothing we can do to stop it. My god decides what the climate is like and whether to world will be destroyed by it.
Reality: Human-caused climate change has been happening for decades. Of the top ten hottest years in recorded history, all of them have occurred in the last 20 years. The vast majority of climate scientists are in agreement that humans are the cause. We can stop it, but we have to make subsequent changes now. Luckily, most of the proposed changes create additional jobs and clean the environment.


Misinformation: Cloning humans is unethical and against my god's plan.
Reality: Human cloning occurs naturally every time identical twins are born. The reason they are identical is because they are human clones.


Misinformation: Evolution is a theory in crisis. Many prominent scientists are now questioning it. My god created all living things in their current form.
Reality: Evolution is an accepted fact and theory by all of the sciences related to it (biology, geology, genetics, medicine, etc.) which underpins the entire field of study. Scientists are no longer asking if it happened because we can now watch it happening at the genetic level. The questions about evolution now being asked are how many ways can it happen, how quickly does it happen, etc.


Misinformation: My holy book is the inerrant word of my god.
Reality: The scholars who study holy scriptures generally agree that the various holy books used by religious groups contain numerous fraudulent passages. In the case of the New Testament, scholars agree that not only passages from some book are fraudulent, but some entire books are fraudulent. For example, there are no publishing New Testament scholars today who even attempt to argue that the Second Epistle of Peter was written by Peter.

Birth control

Misinformation: Abstinence-only sex education teaches children to wait until they're married to have sex according to the commands of my god. Doing so will decrease the rate of STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and abortions.
Reality: People have sex whether they're educated about it or not. By not teaching people how their reproductive system works or how to use birth control, abstinence-only inadvertently increases the rate of STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and abortions.

Misinformation: Birth control frequently fails, has dangerous side-effects, and doesn't protect against STDs.
Reality: Birth control, even when not used properly, is far more effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies than not using birth control. The side-effects for most forms of birth control are minimal and rare. Barrier forms of birth control (various latex devices) are very effective at preventing many forms of STDs.