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Waking up to a mystery in Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!

Mystery video games are those which incorporate tropes common in the mystery genre of media, so their story often revolves around solving a crime, uncovering clues to a conundrum, or deciphering an enigma.


Not being a huge fan of the mystery genre in fiction, I've never sought out mystery video games. The handful that I have played were usually given to me for free, or recommended because of other attributes. In my personal experience, most of the video games categorized in this genre have only a veneer of mystery; they possess some of the tropes, like trying to solve a murder, but the player never really has to put forth any investigative effort, they're just along for the ride. This is really a shame because video games, which require participation from the player, are the perfect medium for mystery.


These are the mystery video games that are important to me. For all mystery the games, see the category.