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The Myth logo.

Myth is a video game universe created by Bungie with the first title released on 1997-11-14. Each game in the series uses a real-time tactics mechanic with a fantasy theme, although some expansions add support for Western, World War II, ninja, pirates, and others. The game engine was improved with each subsequent game.


While working at Kroger around 1998, my co-workers were talking about a really fun multi-player combat game they had been playing called Myth. The way they described it sounded very cool, so I downloaded the shareware version and began playing the online arena. Although I had difficulty learning how to handle camera and unit control, I eventually found it to be really enjoyable. I especially loved the explosive dwarves and wights. When Myth: The Total Codex came out, I bought it and got access to the first two games and the expansions. I tried playing the story mode for each, but never got very far and became frustrated with unit control. Mostly, I loved playing online arena games which didn't require as much investment. I was really impressed at the expansions which added so many more themes to the game. I tried playing with the game's editor, but my computer wasn't powerful enough to handle it. I had grown bored of the games by the time the third game came out, and I never played it.



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