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The NES Advantage.

The NES Advantage is an arcade joystick style controller for the NES. It was created by Nintendo and released in 1987. It uses a traditional joystick instead of a D-pad, has turbo buttons with adjustable rates, a slow button, and the ability to switch between either player's controller port.

My brother got a NES Advantage as a gift in the late 1980s. While I thought the controller was really cool looking, I didn't actually enjoy using it, and preferred a standard NES controller.



  • It looks pretty cool, has nice packaging, and is solidly built.
  • The slow button, when it works, is really useful.
  • Turbo buttons save a lot of wear and tear on your thumbs in games like Contra or Life Force, and it's nice that you can adjust the speed.
  • Having two plugs that allow you to switch between player 1 and 2 and the flip of a switch was a very convenient way to let players share the controller in hot-seat games.


  • The slow feature doesn't work on a lot of games, and only work for player 1.
  • Because the turbo buttons are adjustable, it's very difficult to get them in sync. This makes it very hard to perform actions which require the player to push both A and B at the same time.
  • The directional joystick isn't as clean as the standard controller's digital D-pad, and it makes it harder to control your player in many games.
  • The ball on the joystick screws off, and is easy to lose.


  • Nothing.