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The Beatles, a popular rock group, in the 1960s.

New wave is a genre of music that was borne out of the punk rock scene in the late-1960s, but the artists and songs put more emphasis on [pop]] music themes and less of punk's anti-authority themed. Throughout the 1980s, most synth bands were labeled as new wave, even if they didn't have any attachment to punk rock, and, by the 2000s, new wave was being applies to power pop, synth-pop, ska revival, and pop punk. New wave became especially popular in the early 1980s due in part to MTV promoting the artists, and the genre spawned several one-hit wonders at this time. By the end of the 1980s, new wave was in a decline, but the genre still sees a few new bands like The Sounds, from time-to-time, and occasionally old new wave bands regroup to put out another album, like The Cars. Culturally, the genre is very white, suburban, and male oriented, but there have been a handful of popular female-fronted new wave bands.


As a child of the 1980s, I heard my fair share of new wave music on the radio and, on the rare chance that I had access to MTV, saw their music videos. The genre also made frequent appearances in 1980s films. Most of the new wave songs I liked were just single songs out of a band's entire catalog, so, even though I don't like that many new wave artists, I do like a lot of new wave songs.


These are rock bands and artists that are important to me.