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Newtopia Planning (localized as ニュートピアプランニング [Nyutopia Puranningu]) was a Japanese video game developer. The company has only a limited historical impact, it didn't use a logo, and, based on the publication of their games, it seems to have only existed from around 1987 to 1989. Every game the company developed was published by Pony Canyon, and all but one was a port of an Ultima title. Several of the games they developed lack credits, so it's difficult to know specifically who worked for the company.

Because so little is known about the company, I am forced to guess at their history. My hypothesis is that around 1986, a small development team calling themselves "Newtopia Planning" was looking for a publisher for a Space Harrier clone they were working on called Attack Animal Gakuen. Pony Canyon, who just secured the rights from Origin Systems to port Ultima titles to Japanese platforms, said they would publish their game, but only if Newtopia also handled the Ultima ports (with a little help from existing Pony Canyon employees). Attack Animal Gakuen was released to little fanfare, and, once Pony Canyon's Ultima contract ended, they decided not to use Newtopia on any future games. Newtopia most likely signed a non-compete contract, since most of the staff never showed up in the credits for any future games, and the group disbanded.

On the Famicom box of Attack Animal Gakuen, the company name is spelled "NEW TOPIA," but this is probably a typo, as the cartridge spells it "NEWTOPIA," and every other box and media I've checked does as well.


The first game I played that was made by Newtopia Planning was Ultima: Exodus on the NES, but, at the time, I didn't care who made the games I played. It wasn't until many years later, when I was researching the composer of Ultima: Exodus that I began to learn about the company, and not until 2019, when I was researching for this article, that I became interested the history of the company.


These are the games Newtopia Planning worked on that are important to me. For all games developed by Newtopia Planning see the category.

All Games

This is a list of every game I could find that Newtopia Planning worked on, the speed at which they cranked out these ports is pretty impressive:

Released Title Platforms
1987-07-18 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar PC-9801, PC-8801, Sharp X1, MSX2, FM-7
1987-10-09 Ultima: Exodus Famicom, NES
1987-12-26 Attack Animal Gakuen Famicom
1988-12-12 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar X68000
1988-??-?? Ultima: Exodus MSX2
1989-09-20 Ultima: Quest of the Avatar Famicom, NES
1989-09-24 Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress PC-9801, PC-8801, MSX2
1989-11-21 Ultima III: Exodus PC-9801, PC-8801, Sharp X1
1989-12-21 Ultima I: First Age of Darkness PC-9801, PC-8801, Sharp X1, MSX2


Because Newtopia Planning always worked in conjunction with other companies, it's difficult to know which employees worked at Newtopia and which worked for the other companies. Of those who appear to have worked for Newtopia Planning, I appreciate the work of:

  • Atsushi Fujimori - Graphic artist for Ultima: Exodus and Attack Animal Gakuen.
  • Tsugutoshi Goto - Musician (most likely worked for Pony Canyon, not Newtopia Planning).

This is a more detailed list of everyone I could find who worked on a game partially developed by Newtopia Planning. This list is currently incomplete.

Name Details Outside of Newtopia
Yasuo Hattori U3(NES, MSX2): Producer. AAG(NES): Director, music composer. U4(NES, MSX2): Producer. No other credits.
Aya Nishitani U3(NES): Special Thanks. AAG(NES): Game designer, story writer. No other credits.
Atsushi Fujimori U3(NES, MSX2): Character designer. AAG(NES): Illustrator, not pixel art. No other credits.
Masaichiro Hirano U3(NES, MSX2): Producer. U4(MSX2): Producer. Produced Super Runner in 1987.
Junichi Ishii U3(NES, MSX2): Director. Directed Super Runner in 1987.
Kunihiko Kagawa U3(NES, MSX2): Director. U4(NES, MSX2): Director. U1(MSX2): Director. Credited to Marionette games before and after Newtopia. Then went to Locus Company, Atelier Double, then Soliton Soft. Last credit was in 1999.
Kouji Ichikawa U3(NES, MSX2): Coordinator. U4(NES): Coordinator. U4(MSX2): Special thanks. U4(PC98): Special thanks. U1(MSX2): Coordinator. After Newtopia, worked at Atelier Double, Opera House, Rumic Soft, Locus Company. Last game was in 2001.
Masuko Mori U3(NES, MSX2): Coordinator. U4(MSX2): Special thanks. U4(PC98): Special thanks. Did 1 game with Opera House in 1988.
Takeshi Yasuda U1: Music. Went on to work for Marionette then Opera House, both as a musician. Last game was in 1995.
Takaaki Ushiki U3(NES): Lead programmer Only other game was for Infinity in 1993.
Mutsuko Arata U3(NES, MSX2): Sales promotion. Worked for Marionette before Newtopia, and promoted Super Runner in 1987.
Hirorin Shimaoka AAG: Graphic driver.
Life Checker AAG: 3D advisor.
Tsuhkai Squash Yaroh AAG: Programmer. Perhaps the same person as Takaaki Ushiki?
Otohsan AAG: Audio driver.
Omaisan AAG: Music arranger.
Mimi Man AAG: Pixel artist.
Apple Taizou AAG: Pixel artist.
Life Checker AAG: 3D advisor.
Sailor Norilin AAG: Costume of Nokko.
Shang Hai King AAG: Mystery staff.
Homerun Ken AAG: Setting.
Penpal Knight AAG: Professional watcher.
Kohichi Shirato AAG: Special thanks.
Minoru Kobayashi AAG: Special thanks.


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