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An original titanium colored DS.

The Nintendo DS (Dual Screen) is a seventh generation handheld video game console created by Nintendo and released on 2004-11-21. The device features two LCD screens, one of which is touch sensitive, built-in wireless, a microphone, and full backward compatibility with the Game Boy Advance. The Nintendo DS was exceptionally popular and quickly became the best selling handheld ever made, and the second best selling video game platform.

A slimmer model, the Nintendo DS Lite, was released on 2006-03-02 which also had better screens. The Nintendo DSi was released on 2008-11-01 which added a facing and external digital camera, but also removed the Game Boy Advance slot (and thus couldn't play games which relied on it). The Nintendo DSi XL was released on 2009-11-21 which has larger displays. Nintendo finally replaced the line with the Nintendo 3DS.


When the DS first came out, I thought it looked pretty ridiculous with its bulbous clam shell design. At a gamer gathering, I played some of the mini games of New Super Mario Bros. on someone's DS, and thought they were interesting, but nothing that would justify me buying the handheld. When my friend Cody was preparing to sell his Nintendo DS Lite to Game Stop, I bought it from him instead, along with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All. I played the game a little bit, and found it interesting, but, again, nothing special. To try out more of the games for the handheld, I bought a pirate flash cart and downloaded several popular ROMs. Failing to find anything that was very interesting, and, seeing that the right shoulder button was beginning to fail, I stopped playing it. I tried a few games later using a DS emulator, but still didn't find anything all that worthwhile on the system.

I own a black Nintendo DS Lite with a damaged shoulder button.


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Despite owning a DS, I don't use it very often, and I've hardly used any of its more interesting features. Until I do, I don't know enough about it to write a review.





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