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Nobuo Uematsu, circa 2006.

Nobuo Uematsu [植松 伸夫] (born 1959-03-21) is a Japanese video game music composer best known for his work at Square and Square Enix from 1985-2004, after that he became a freelance artist. Uematsu is a self-taught composer who began playing the piano when he was around eleven years old. After he graduated from college, Uematsu was working at a record shop where he met an employee from Square who asked him if he would be interested in composing music for some of their games.


I may have played Rad Racer first, but the first game with a Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack that actually impressed me musically was Final Fantasy. However, the first game of Uematsu's I saw where I was really blown away by the soundtrack was Final Fantasy VI.


This list only includes Uematsu's work at Square as I'm really only familiar with his earlier work. An empty rank means I don't know the music well enough to rank it, a rank of "N/A" means Uematsu didn't contribute enough of the soundtrack to rank the game.

Released Title Notes Rank
1986-04-30 Cruise Chaser Blassty
1986-07-04 Alpha 7
1986-09-18 King's Knight
1986-12-15 Suisho no Dragon
1987-03-12 The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner
1987-04-03 Apple Town Story
1987-06-06 Genesis
1987-06-10 Aliens
1987-07-24 Cleopatra no Mahou
1987-08-07 Rad Racer 8
1987-12-01 Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School
1987-12-07 JJ: Tobidase Adventures Part II
1987-12-18 Final Fantasy 2
1988-12-02 Hanjuku Hero
1988-12-17 Final Fantasy II
1989-03-19 Square's Tom Sawyer
1989-12-15 The Final Fantasy Legend
1990-??-?? Nintendo World Championships 1990 Composer of Rad Racer portion. N/A
1990-04-27 Final Fantasy III
1990-12-27 Final Fantasy Legend II With Kenji Ito.
1990-??-?? Rad Racer II
1991-07-19 Final Fantasy IV 4
1992-01-28 Romancing SaGa Only arranged one song. N/A
1992-12-06 Final Fantasy V 3
1993-12-10 Romancing SaGa 2 Only arranged two tracks. N/A
1994-04-02 Final Fantasy VI 1
1995-03-11 Chrono Trigger Assisted Yasunori Mitsuda. 5
1996-01-27 Dynami Tracer
1996-02-23 Front Mission: Gun Hazard Co-composer with several other artists.
1997-01-31 Final Fantasy VII 6
1999-02-11 Final Fantasy VIII
2000-07-07 Final Fantasy IX
2001-07-19 Final Fantasy X With Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano.
2002-04-16 Final Fantasy XI With Naoshi Mizuta and Kumi Tanioka.
2003-02-14 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Only the main theme. N/A
2003-06-26 Hanjuku Hero Tai 3D


This is a list of some of my favorite Nobuo Uematsu songs. For all his songs, see Nobuo Uematsu Songs.

Title Game
Awakening Final Fantasy VI
Celes's Theme Final Fantasy VI
Chaos Temple Final Fantasy
Coin of Fate Final Fantasy VI
Cyan's Theme Final Fantasy VI
Edgar & Sabin's Theme Final Fantasy VI
Epilogue Final Fantasy IV
Esper World Final Fantasy VI
Forever Rachel Final Fantasy VI
Gau's Theme Final Fantasy VI
Gurgu Volcano Final Fantasy
Harvest Final Fantasy V
Kids Run Through the City Final Fantasy VI
Locke's Theme Final Fantasy VI
Main Theme Final Fantasy
Matoya's Cavern Final Fantasy
Mt. Koltz Final Fantasy VI
Omen Final Fantasy VI
Opening Theme Final Fantasy
Phantom Forest Final Fantasy VI
Phantom Train Final Fantasy VI
The Prelude Final Fantasy
Relm's Theme Final Fantasy VI
Shadow's Theme Final Fantasy VI
Spreading Grand Wings Final Fantasy V
Terra's Theme Final Fantasy VI
To the North Mountain Final Fantasy V
Town Final Fantasy
Town Theme ~ "Tenderness in the Air" Final Fantasy V
Under Martial Law Final Fantasy VI



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