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OSFMount mounting an image to a drive.

OSFMount is a freeware program developed by PassMark that allows you to open, save, and convert a variety of image formats including mounting them as a virtual drives in Windows. It's similar to Virtual Clone Drive, only it supports some different image formats, including: ISO, BIN, IMG, NRG, SDI, AFF, E01, VMDK, and VHD.



  • The program does a good job at what you need it to do, and has a wide variety of image support. Mount and unmounting drives from images is very simple.
  • The program supports several image formats not supported by Virtual Clone Drive.
  • You can easily convert between several different images. This is nice if you have an exotic format and want to change it into a common format for others.


  • The program often fails a device driver check when trying to mount images on Windows 7 and older.


  • Nothing.