One Year of Love

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Single cover.

One Year of Love is a soft rock ballad by Queen. The music and lyrics were composed by John Deacon, and the vocals are sung by Freddie Mercury. It was originally released on the album A Kind of Magic on 1986-06-03, then released as a single in various European countries, though not Queen's native UK. In most of the regions where the single was released, it was paired with Gimme the Prize (Kurgan's Theme) as the B-side, which is quite the unusual choice for such a romantic song. Some regions used more appropriate songs like Pain Is So Close to Pleasure or Princes of the Universe.

The song was written for the film Highlander. In the film, a man who cannot age falls in love with a woman and marries her, but is left heartbroken as he watches her grow old and die while he remains young. For centuries he lives in fear of love, but eventually meets a woman whom he falls in love with and this song plays. As the lyrics explain, he'd rather have a brief moment of love and deal with the pain of her eventual death than live his life without her love.

This is my third favorite track off of A Kind of Magic. Although the lyrics are fairly simplistic, they're especially romantic with a hint of sorrow. Freddie really belts out the lyrics, and the saxophone fits the song perfectly. I like this song so much, I even had it played as the first dance at my wedding.