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* [[Case sensitivity]]
* [[Hosts file]]
* [[Hosts file]]
* [[Windows 10 tricks]]
* [[Windows 10 tricks]]

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An operating system is a computer program that manages a computer's applications, settings, and user environments, allows software to take instructions from users and interact with the hardware, and it also provides the user with the necessary tools to make the computer perform desired tasks. In addition to a lot of the user interface, the operating system also handles most of the back-end portions of the computer like system maintenance, file management, memory management, network communication, and system security. Depending on what they are called upon to do, operating systems range in complexity from the extremely simple to the staggeringly complex.


I have used dozens of different operating systems in my life. The one I am most familiar with is the Windows series, but the one I most admire is Linux.

I very much prefer operating systems that use a case-insenstive file system.

Operating Systems

The following are operating systems that are important to me. For all operating systems, see the category.