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A PCjr with the original keyboard.

The PCjr is a home computer model that was developed and sold by IBM from March 1984 to May 1985. It was created, not to strengthen IBM's business market, but as an attempt to capture the home computer market which, at the time, was dominated by the Apple II and Commodore 64. The PCjr used the same Intel 8088 CPU as the IBM PC, but included better graphics and sound capabilities as well as ROM cartridge support and built-in joystick ports to make it similar to other home computers. IBM marketed the PCjr so well it was even cloned with the Tandy 1000, but, due to cheap design decisions, IBM failed to see the sales they expected, and dropped the PCjr line after only a little over a year on the market. IBM's failure with the PCjr was Tandy's success, because the 1000 remained a very popular line for many years after.

Although I've never owned or used a PCjr, I spent a lot of time in my youth on its clone, the Tandy 1000. DOSBox currently has pretty good PCjr emulation.


I do not own, nor have I used a PCjr.


I don't know the PCjr well enough to review it.




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