Physiology: All You Need to Know About How Your Body Works

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2009 paperback reprint.

Physiology: All You Need to Know About How Your Body Works is a nonfiction popular physiology book edited by Peter Abrahams and published in 2007.

I bought this book on a clearance shelf. The heavy use of illustrations and diagrams convinced me to buy it.


I own a 2009 reprint paperback.



  • An amateur-level description of scores of the body's organs and systems are describe.
  • The book is full color and fully illustrated with hundreds of diagrams and photos.
  • The book uses a magazine style layout which allows you to easily flip to any page and read about any topic without any prerequisite knowledge.


  • The book only skims the surface of each organ and system it discusses. The information is educational, but Only offers high school level descriptions.
  • Though the diagrams are on point, a lot of the photos are just stock photos; they're related to the topic, but they don't convey any useful information.
  • I spotted the rare spelling error and typo. For example, in the section on lungs, the book says the average lung capacity is 55 liters instead of 5.
  • It's minor, but the cover is terrible.


  • Nothing.