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Original model PlayStation 2.

The PlayStation 2 is a sixth generation home video game console developed by Sony and first released on 2000-03-04, and the second console in the PlayStation line. The PlayStation 2 uses DVD as its primary medium for games and can also play them as video discs. The system is also mostly backward compatible with the original PlayStation.


Despite the PlayStation 2 being the most popular console of the sixth generation (and holding the best selling console of all time for quite awhile), I played almost nothing on it and know very little about the system. This is primarily because it came out long after I was a die-hard gamer. In 2000, I was far more interested in women and retro games to bother shelling out for the latest console. While I understand this means I also missed out on a lot of fantastic games, I still find it hard to justify the cost. I'll probably get more involved with it if I ever bother to try it out with emulators.


I do not own a PlayStation 2 and have only played games on it a couple of times.


See all PlayStation 2 Games.

Although I've played very little on the PS2, I have played some games that were released on it on other platforms. These are games that are important to me:


I don't know enough about the console to review it.


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