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The Portal logo.

Portal is a video game universe created by Valve in 2007. The universe includes two core first-person puzzle games and several other related games.

The Portal universe is really a sub-set of the Half-Life universe. In the first Portal game, there is a slideshow which shows Aperture Laboratories is competing for contracts against Black Mesa, and the company is mentioned in the ending song. Their rivalry is described in more detail in Portal 2 where the CEO of Aperture says that Black Mesa keeps stealing their technology. However, it wasn't until Half-Life 2: Episode Two that Aperture was finally addressed in a Half-Life game and cemented the connection as canon.


Once I started playing the first Portal game, I very quickly fell in love with it, and was only more impressed by Portal 2. Sadly, because Valve ceased game development, there may never be another game in the series.


Core Video Games

Additional Video Games

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