Pride and Prejudice

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UK hardcover, 1st edition.

Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austin first published on 1813-01-28. The story is set in England in 1812 and follows the Bennet family as they interact with their friends, neighbors, and potential husbands for the Bennet daughters. A large part of the story revolves around social manners, and how they often mask a person's true identity with superficial kindness while an ill-mannered person can still have genuine kindness.

I decided to read this book in order to better acquaint myself with female authors. I saw the film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies before reading the book.


I don't own this book, but am listening to an audio book.


— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The entailed estate being sought after by William Collins does create some interesting tension.
  • The book paints a pretty clear picture of what life was like for semi-rich English people in the early 1800s. Although, since I care little about that time period, I can't speak to the accuracy.
  • I do like the large vocabulary employed by Austin. Very impressive for such a young author.


  • Although some of the characters are interesting in a despicable sort of way, I found most of the characters to be either dull or irredeemably wretched. Mr. Darcy is presumed to be a bad man because he is so standoffish, then Elizabeth learns that he isn't quite as bad as she thought he was, but, the reality is, even without her incorrect presumptions, he's still pretty awful!


  • I had a very difficult time keeping straight all the various characters. There is almost no physical description of any of them, only descriptions of the mannerisms, so I never developed a picture of them in my head, and, without that, I could never put a face to a name. Through most of the book, I mixed up the sisters, and sometimes, even the families.
  • The book is dreadfully dull. It's several hundred pages of people gossiping about each other with some puritan romance thrown in.


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