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Procession is an instrumental rock piece with Baroque underpinnings by Queen. It is track A1 on the album Queen II released on 1974-03-08; and was composed by Brian May and May played all the instruments on the recording which was made in August 1973. The song was produced by Queen and Roy Thomas Baker. The song acts as an opener to the album and seamlessly transitions into Father to Son.


I first heard this song around 1997 after buying Queen II. I'm pretty sure I was a bit disappointed when I first heard the song, and much of the album as a whole because it is so mellow compared to the songs off Queen's compilation albums and Sheer Heart Attack which were my only experience with the band up until this point. However, since then, May's songs in Queen II have become some of my favorite of all. I especially like the sort of "tearing" sound May gave to this guitar in this song; the notes just sort of rip through the air. When I ripped the song from my CD for digital listening, I combined the two songs together so I can listen to them as one.


Album version.