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Original Punch-Out!! arcade marquee.

The Punch-Out!! universe began with a 1983 arcade boxing game created by Nintendo, specifically, general manager Genyo Takeda and his partner Makoto Wada. The series hasn't expanded nearly as quickly as other Nintendo franchises, but sees a new title every so often.


The first time I saw a Punch-Out!! game was in an arcade in the late 1980s. My memory is fuzzy, but I think my father was playing the game, but it was either Punch-Out!! or Super Punch-Out!!. Later, I remember seeing Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! covered in The Official Nintendo Player's Guide. My friend got a copy of the game, and I got to try it out. I didn't understand why I couldn't just punch away, and I ended up losing to Glass Joe! Later, my friend was doing really well and he called me on the phone so I would read tips from the strategy guide for how to defeat Great Tiger. My cousin ended up getting the NES re-release of Punch-Out!!. We all spent a lot of time trying to defeat Mike Tyson / Mr. Dream, but we never could. When the SNES came out, I had grown tired of the franchise and never bought Super Punch-Out!! or even played it. It wasn't until SNES emulation became popular that I even played it. I finally beat Mike Tyson in 2017, but I still haven't played much else from the series.


Video Games

Released Title Platform
1983-12-?? Punch-Out!! Arcade
1984-07-31 Boxing Game & Watch
1984-09-?? Super Punch-Out Arcade
1985-05-?? Arm Wrestling Arcade
1987-09-18 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! NES
1990-08-?? Punch-Out!! (with Mr. Dream) NES
1994-09-14 Super Punch-Out!! SNES
2009-05-18 Punch-Out!! Wii
2009-10-27 Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! Wii

Other Appearances



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