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Vinyl cover.

Queen is the self-titled first studio album of Queen. It was produced by Roy Thomas Baker, John Anthony, and Queen, and published by EMI and Electra on vinyl on 1973-07-13. The genre of the songs include progressive rock, hard rock, and heavy metal. The theme of the songs include fantasy and mythology from Freddie, growth, rebellion, and drug use from Brian, and appreciation for hard rock music from Roger. John Deacon didn't have a song on this album. Many of the songs on the album were written prior to the band coming together.

The band members are credited in rather unusual names on the album. This is the first album to feature "Freddie Mercury" rather than his birth name, Farrokh Bulsara. Roger Taylor is credited with his full name, "Roger Meddows-Taylor," with the middle and surnames separated by a dash. John Deacon is credited as Deacon John because Freddie insisted it sounded better (he would demand his proper name for the next album). Only Brian May has his named listed in a standard way.

In this still early stage of the band's career, some fans incorrectly assumed they were a Christian rock band because of the songs Jesus, Son & Daughter, and potentially from the unreleased demo of Mad the Swine. Although these tracks can be construed as promoting Christianity, it's unlikely. Freddie was raised as a Parsi Zoroastrian, not a Christian, and I think this is merely a reflection of Freddie's love of mythology at the time. Brian's quote from the Gospel of Matthew is probably just a reflection of the pervasive Christian influence in the UK at the time.


I bought this album in the early-middle of my Queen obsession. It felt like a less-refined version of Sheer Heart Attack and Queen II, which I had bought prior. Although, I still enjoyed the music quite a bit and listened to it many times.


I own the album on vinyl and the Hollywood records CD release.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer(s) Vocals
A1 Keep Yourself Alive Brian May Freddie Mercury with lines from Roger Taylor and Brian May
A2 Doing All Right Brian May, Tim Staffell Freddie Mercury
A3 Great King Rat Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
A4 My Fairy King Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B1 Liar Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B2 The Night Comes Down Brian May Freddie Mercury
B3 Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll Roger Taylor Roger Taylor
B4 Son and Daughter Brian May Freddie Mercury
B5 Jesus Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B6 Seven Seas of Rhye... Freddie Mercury Instrumental

Song Rank

This is the order in which I enjoy the songs from this album, and their individual song ratings.

Order Title Stars
1 The Night Comes Down 8
2 Keep Yourself Alive 7
3 Liar 7
4 Great King Rat 7
5 Doing All Right 6
6 My Fairy King 6
7 Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll 5
8 Son & Daughter 5
9 Seven Seas of Rhye... 3
10 Jesus 2

The album's total score is 422.



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