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North American box art.

Rad Racer, known as Highway Star in Japan, is a car racing game developed by Square and published by Nintendo for the NES in 1987. The game is clearly meant to try and capture some of the success of OutRun.

I'm not sure if I played Rad Racer before or after I saw it in The Wizard, but I remember it being very hard, and I couldn't even finish the first stage. I think I first played it when my step brother brought it over with him when he came to visit, not positive. Either way, I've never much cared for the game, and I don't like racing games much in general.


I own the game, but have not beaten it.


  • Overall: 3/10
  • Best Version: NES


  • The various backgrounds are quite attractive.
  • The game has a wide variety of cars you're racing against.
  • Like OutRun, the game lets you change the radio station, and even while driving, but, unlike OutRun, the music isn't that great.


  • It's disappointing that there is only ever a single type of car on the road at any given time.
  • The F1 machine is the same as the 328 Twin Turbo, just with a different skin.
  • The 3D doesn't work.


  • The game is just too hard. Even with practice, I have a hard time getting past the first few roads.
  • The game isn't that fun either. The first track shows you pretty much everything you will see for the rest of the game.

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