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Rebecca Watson, 2015.

Rebecca Kay Watson (born 1980-10-18) is a science and skepticism communicator who has worked on a number of projects including The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Skepchick, and Little Atoms. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in communications from Boston University.


As I got more into the skepticism community in the mid 2000s, I became aware of the work of Rebecca Watson. I quickly appreciated her, not just because she was a kindred spirit on various nerdy matters, but also because she approaches teaching about science, skepticism, and atheism from a perspective I'm not used to seeing. She often discusses stories that would otherwise fall under my radar, and gives me perspective I wouldn't normally have. I have followed her work for over a decade, met her twice, and watched every video on her YouTube channel.

I especially admire how Watson has continued to work toward science and truth despite terrible bullying, not only from anti-science and religious people, but from misogynists in the skeptic and atheist communities. In particular, Watson spoke that it was inappropriate for men to follow women into elevators late at night and proposition them while they're alone and unable to walk away. She didn't say that it was sexual harassment, just that it makes women feel very uncomfortable and men shouldn't do it. Because of this, several prominent people in the skeptic community, most notably Richard Dawkins, made themselves look like asses by trivializing a woman's need to feel safe. Dawkins even prevented Watson from being allowed to speak at the Reason Rally because he had grown annoyed at all the fallout he was receiving from his misogyny.


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