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Roger Taylor (c. 2013).

Roger Meddows Taylor, (born 1949-07-26) is a musician, best known for his work with the band Queen primarily played percussion, but often played various other instruments. He also composed music and lyrics and sang in several songs. Taylor continues to perform as Queen with Brian May and various vocalists to replace Freddie Mercury. Taylor also began a solo project called The Cross and played with various other groups over the years.

I learned about Roger Taylor through his work with the band Queen. Since he's not nearly as extravagant as Freddie, or as deep as Brian, I always viewed him as the third most important member of the group. His songs, while fun, were often overshadowed, but he's still a great songwriter and singer.

Songs With Queen


Queen II

Sheer Heart Attack

A Night At the Opera

A Day At the Races

News of the World


The Game

Flash Gordon: Original Soundtrack

Hot Space

The Works

A Kind of Magic

The Miracle


Made In Heaven

Other Albums

Other Songs