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Making a bootable USB for Windows Vista.

Rufus is a free utility program developed by Pete Batard for Windows and first released in 2011. The program lets you load an ISO image of an operating system onto USB device so you can load the OS on a new computer simply by booting from the USB device.

The program has the following features:

  • Create a bootable USB device from an ISO.
  • Supports a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, MS-DOS, and others.
  • Can download supported version of Windows online so you don't have to supply your own ISO.
  • Can format a USB device.
  • Translated to over 30 languages.


When trying to reload an old computer I couldn't find my original Windows disc, but I did have an ISO available. I searched online for a way to create a bootable USB with Windows loaded on it and found this program.