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Title screen.

Run, Jesus Run! is a short humorous platformer developed and published by Molleindustria as a browser game on 2010-07-01. It was also ported to Windows and Macintosh. The game was made as part of the Experimental Gameplay Project with the theme: "10 seconds."

In the game, you play as Jesus. Your goal is to very quickly run through action scenes while "doing Jesus things" fast enough to make it to the last supper with all 12 apostles... and then be executed.


After enjoying Every Day the Same Dream, I looked for other titles from the same company and I saw this one. From the screenshot, it looked hilarious, so I played it and it was good for a chuckle! I have beaten it with all 12 apostles on 2022-11-05.


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Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Although highly-pixelated, the graphics still look nice.
  • The retro sound effects and cheery music fits the theme quite well.
  • By only giving the player 10 seconds to finish the game, they must run through each screen in rapid-fire, which makes it look even sillier.
  • I love how, in the game over screen, you aren't crucified, but, when you "win," you are.


  • The controls aren't well-polished. For example, if you fail to clear the chasm, you will stop falling for a moment where the floor is, then continue falling after the game realizes you're not on the ground.
  • The punctuation in the title is wrong.


  • The game is far too short. Even honing your skill enough the get the best ending only takes a couple of minutes. There are plenty of other stories from the Gospels that could have had a screens made for them, so the game could have had plenty of subsequent levels.






Bechdel test?FailNone of the women talk.
Strong female character?FailNone of the women do anything.
Strong non-white character?FailAll of the Middle-eastern characters are depicted as white.
Queer character?FailNone of the characters appear to be queer.


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