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SG-1000 with joystick.

The SG-1000 is a third generation home video game console developed by Sega and first released on 1983-07-15, the same day as the much more successful Famicom. The console was first released in Japan, but also saw releases in Taiwan and Europe. Games are typically stored on ROM cartridges, but several games were released on cheaper memory cards which could be read through an adapter called the Card Catcher.

Because the SG-1000 was never released in the USA, I didn't learn about this console until long after it was obsolete and emulators were made available. I quickly went through most of the console's library of around 100 games and didn't see anything very interesting.


I do not own, and have never even played a SG-1000.


Most of the games released for the SG-1000 are inferior ports of games first released in the arcade, or on home computers. Several other titles borrow heavily from existing games, or are based on open concepts like baseball or mahjong. There are only a handful of original games made for the system. For the complete list, see the category.


I don't know enough about the console to review it.


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