Sacred Cows

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Paperback cover.

Sacred Cows: A Lighthearted Look At Belief and Tradition Around the World is a non-fiction book by Seth Andrews first published on 2015-06-10. It describes some of the more unusual beliefs found throughout various religions around the world.

I bought this book at a CFI lecture event featuring Seth Andrews and bought it to support him.


I own a signed first edition paperback.



  • The book has several detailed descriptions of the more bizarre beliefs that people hold like the Appalachian snake handlers, the Mormons and their magical underwear, and many others.


  • Although they're fitting the cheek of the book, I'm not a huge fan of Vincent Deporter's illustrations, and some of them employ racist stereotypes.
  • Like Deconverted: A Journey From Religion to Reason, this book doesn't indent paragraphs and uses full line-breaks between each, which is distracting to read.


  • Nothing.