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Sandiego Inc. is a geography educational puzzle video game developed and published by Think Tesla Studios for iOS in 2017-11-04 and Android in 2018. It is a tribute to Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? and looks and plays very similarly to the original game. In the game, a villain has stolen a priceless artifact and tries to evade capture by flying to various countries all over the world. Your job is to use your knowledge of geography to ascertain where they will go next based on the clues they've left behind so you can catch up with the criminal and arrest them. As you successfully catch criminals the clues gradually become more esoteric and the game becomes harder.


I saw this game on the Google Play Store, and, being a fan of Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, I downloaded it.


I have not bought this game, but I have played the ads version and reached Legend rank.


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Best Version: Android

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game adequately captures the vibe of the original Carmen Sandiego on portable devices.
  • There are wide variety of nations with decent pictures, descriptions, and clues for each one.
  • The pixel art is pleasant and the design is fresh.


  • The game doesn't add anything new to the original's formula so it's little more than nostalgia.
  • A lot of the charm from the original game (like puns for names, silly mugshots, and ridiculous stolen objects) doesn't exist in this tribute.
  • The cut-scene animations are a dull and cannot be skipped.
  • The flight animation from the original, which educates players about the location of each nation on a map, is missing.


  • Like the original game, nothing new ever happens, so the game becomes boring very quickly. You see everything the game has to offer in the first couple minutes, and, everything after this is just repetition.