Seven Seas of Rhye

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French single.

Seven Seas of Rhye is a progressive rock song by Queen. Freddie Mercury had the song in an unfinished state during the released of Queen's debut album, and it was used as a closer. After that, Mercury wrote lyrics and Brian May added some composition and the finished song was released as a single on 1974-02-23 to promote Queen II, the album on which it first appeared. In the song, Freddie sing the lead and backing vocals and plays piano, Brian plays guitar and sings backing vocals, Roger Taylor plays all the percussion, and John Deacon plays bass.

Many different versions of the single were released primarily with a B-side of See What a Fool I've Been, however the Japanese single uses The Loser In The End, and the re-issue adds a third track, Funny How Love Is. The song on the single, on the Queen II album, and most compilations are all identical, but there is an extremely rare promo with the wrong backing track and several remixes. There were also several different videos made for the song, each with various edits to the audio.

I first heard this song from Queen's Greatest Hits around 1996.