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Galaxy Game, the very first commercial video game, is a shooter.

A shooter is a blanket genre of video game where the player controls a character that can shoot projectiles. Because this definition is so broad, the genre is typically divided into several sub-genres like:

Sub-genre Description Examples
First-person shooter The game is seen through the eyes of the character who shoots at opponents. Doom, Half-Life
Fixed shooter The character is confined to a limited area, usually on a single screen. Space Invaders, Centipede
Platform shooter The character runs along platforms while shooting. Ghosts 'N Goblins, Contra
Rail shooter The player shoots at targets while moving along a pre-set course. Star Wars (1983), Space Harrier
Scrolling shooter The character moves across a large area as the background scrolls behind them. Defender, Xevious

Although light gun video games involve shooting, they don't fall into this definition of a shooter because the player's character doesn't fire a projectile. Instead, it uses something called a hitscan.


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