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North American box art.

SimCity 2000 is an open-ended city planning simulation game. It was developed and published by Maxis Software for the Macintosh in 1993, and then ported to many other platforms. It is the seventh game in the Sim series, and more of a complete remake of SimCity rather than a sequel.

Like the original, you play as the mayor of a city and make all the large decisions of zoning land for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, and plan out the location of roads, power plants, but this game adds many more elements to take into consideration like the water system, highways, bus routes, and more.


I first played SimCity 2000 at my cousin's house. After I had bought SimCity on the SNES, we got into a Sim game kick, and began buying a lot of them. I bought SimAnt, and A-Train, they bought 2000 and the original, and my friend Jeremy bought SimFarm and SimTower.

I really liked all the additions of SimCity 2000: the isometric view, sloping land, the water system, the slow invention of technologies, and the nice music. And, of course, it was always fun to send the space alien to destroy everything. However, like most Sim games, I got bored with the game before too long because there is no objective. However, with the many new features, it stayed interesting for a lot longer than the original.


I own the special edition of this game for DOS.


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Best Version: DOS

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • There is a surprisingly large amount of things to do in the game. There are dozens of units to build, several systems to manage, and all sorts of interesting things that can occur.
  • The layout, interface, and graphics are all fantastic.
  • Most of Sue Kasper's music is very enjoyable.
  • The pre-made maps included several real-life cities including one only a half hour from where I grew up: Flint, Michigan.
  • Like most Maxis games, it came with a very thorough manual.


  • Instead of having the music fit the tone of the game, it plays entirely at random. You can get a snappy jazz number during a hurricane, or a dirge right after celebrating a milestone.
  • I remember always having water pressure problems no matter how many water towers or pumps I created. Not sure if this was a bug, or something I was doing wrong that the game never clearly explained to me.


  • Nothing.


Box Art




Game play.


This is the DOS demo version of SimCity 2000.


Language Native Transliteration Translation
English SimCity 2000
Japanese シムシティ2000 ShimuShiti 2000 SimCity 2000


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