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The title screen and game start

SkiFree is a skiing video game developed by Chris Pirih and published by Microsoft in 1991 as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3, and re-published in the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack in 1995. On 2005-04-04, Pirih found his original source code, and recompiled the game to work on 32-bit Windows machines, and released it as freeware.


I didn't own Entertainment Pack 3, but I have played this game many times. A 32-bit version was made freely available by the creator.



  • The game is quirky. Examples include, the yeti eating the player, the random dog walking across the mountain and peeing, walking trees, dead trees bursting into flames when you collide with them, cracking stumps into mushrooms, etc.
  • Getting caught and eaten by the yeti when you get too far down the mountain is hilarious, and trying to avoid him is always a fun challenge.


  • Because the game view port scales to the size of your screen, it means players with higher resolutions will have an easier time playing the game.
  • The yeti doesn't fairly catch you, but instead teleports to your position if you get too far ahead.


  • The game has very little to do. There are two slalom races and a freestyle race, each lasts about one to two minutes, and none are very impressive. This means you can see everything the game has to offer in about 5 minutes.





SkiFree was released as freeware by the game's creator. The download below includes the original 16-bit version and a re-compile for 32-bit Windows.