Some Day One Day

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Some Day One Day is a folk rock song by Queen, released as track A4 on the album Queen II on 1974-03-08. It was composed, written, and sung by Brian May. May also plays both the acoustic and electric guitars in the recording. The lyrics seem to describe a relationship between a boy and a girl which budded, but never really bore fruit because both were too young and experienced to deal with the complications brought on by the world. And yet, the singer explains that some day, one day, they will be together and it will be like a fairy tale.

I first heard this song after buying my second non-compilation Queen album, Queen II. I remember not being that impressed with the A-side because it was mostly May's slower introspective songs, and I was expecting more hard rock like from the greatest hits albums and Sheer Heart Attack. However, after adjusting my attitude toward the album and re-listening to it, I found a great appreciation for the songs. Some Day One Day carries the mood of unrequited love heard in the previous track, White Queen (As It Began). The lyrics are a bit more obscure, but particularly poetic. I especially like the lines: "You never heard my song before, the music was too loud," "No star can light our way in this cloud of dark and fear," and "Funny how the pages turn and hold us in between." I wonder if the line, "together took us nearly there the rest may not be sung," is an admission of something May isn't willing to talk about, not even in his songs.

Musically, the song is nice and mellow with a simple structure. I like how the acoustic guitar and electric guitar have unrelated tasks, yet both help make the song what it is. May's vocals are perfect for this type of song and Roger Taylor's drums really add to the interludes. The final guitar solo is another masterpiece by May.


You never heard my song before
The music was too loud.
But now I think you hear me well
For now we both know how.
No star can light our way
In this cloud of dark and fear.
But someday, one day.

Funny how the pages turn
And hold us in between.
A misty castle waits for you
And you shall be a queen (you shall be a queen).
Today the cloud it hangs
Over us and all is grey.
But someday, one day.

When I was you and you were me
And we were very young.
Together took us nearly there
The rest may not be sung.
So still the cloud it hangs
Over us and we're alone.
But someday, one day...

We'll come home.