Somewhere in England, 1928

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Somewhere in England, 1928

Somewhere in England, 1928 - WEB - Screenshot - Title.png

Browser - Screenshot - Title and menu.

Developer Drink Cider, Make Games
Publisher Armor Games
Published 2012-09-??
Platforms Browser
Genres Adventure, Graphic adventure, Passive puzzle, Puzzle
Themes Horror
Distribution Freeware

Somewhere in England, 1928 is a graphic adventure game developed by Drink Cider, Make Games and published by Armor Games as a browser game in September 2012. It was designed for the CGDC 10 and programmed in Flash. I'm not sure if the title is a reference to the 1940 film, or the George Harrison album.

In the game, three investigators — William, Thomas, and Harriet — are caught up in a strange case which goes horribly wrong. Harriet appears to have been killed while Thomas is left severely injured. William hauls Thomas into a hallway in a half-collapsed building and must act as leader to help them escape.


Own?No. This game was never sold.

I found this game online right after it was released. I initially played it without audio, so the ending turned out to be a twist.


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Best Version: Browser

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The art, though highly pixelated, still looks good.
  • I like the sound effects of the battle with the horrible monster, it adds some nice terror.
  • The relationship between William and Thomas helps add intrigue to the story.
  • The inclusion of a Lovecraftian monster was a good choice for a villain.


  • How you have to keep re-clicking on the hand or an item to use the same thing multiple times is annoying.
  • The combination is small enough to brute force, which means many players will try, which is an unsatisfying way to solve the puzzle. A more complicated combination would cause players to search harder for the solution.
  • I would have liked some music.
  • There are some typos.


  • With only four rooms, the game is far too short. I was enjoying it, but it ends very abruptly. Too bad a sequel wasn't made.






Strong female character?PassHarriet, though minor, is a badass.
Bechdel test?FailThere is only one woman.
Strong person of color character?FailAll the characters are white.
Queer character?PassThomas and William appear to be lovers.