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[[Category: 2-bit Color Graphics]]
[[Category: 2-bit Color Graphics]]
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[[Category: Multi-Player Versus]]
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Title screen.

Sopwith is an airplane shooter game developed by David L. Clark and published by BMB Compuscience in 1984 for MS-DOS. An updated release was published in 1986, and the author released a special edition in 2000. Each version was released for free.

When I first played this game, it was titled "Red Baron" and was included in a shovelware release by Keypunch Software. Their version was identical to the original release, just re-titled and had the multiplayer removed since it used a patented protocol.


Each version of this game has since been released as freeware. I have beaten the original Sopwith in single player mode, but not the 1986 upgrade or the Author's Edition.


  • Overall: 3/10
  • Best Version: DOS

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • For the time, the game is pretty cool. You can make permanent craters in the landscape with your bombs, have a dogfight with an AI opponent, and bomb enemy targets.
  • The upgrades in the later editions are pretty cool and increase the challenge.


  • The game is graphically challenged and lacks decent audio.
  • The AI is extremely difficult to defeat due to its suicidal nature.
  • The multiplayer uses a proprietary system that is no longer supported or emulated, so it remains unplayable.


  • There just isn't much to this game. Even with the updated versions, you see everything the game has to offer after about a minute.






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