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Album cover.

Speak In Code is the fourth studio album by alternative rock group Eve 6. It was published on 2012-04-24 and produced by Don Gilmore. This was the band's first album after regrouping in 2008 after a four-year hiatus. This was also the band's last album to feature original drummer Tony Fagenson.


I was thrilled to hear that Eve 6 was finally putting out a new album after such a long break and bought it shortly after it was released. However, the more generic pop sound to several of the songs and the less intricate lyrics left me underwhelmed. After seeing them in concert again a month later, they performed several of their new songs with a lot of energy, and I gave the album another chance. This led to me appreciate the album more, but it's still my least favorite of their work.


I own this CD and it has been signed by Max Collins, Jon Siebels, and Tony Fagenson.

Track Listing

All lyrics were written by and sung by Max Collins.

Track Title Writers
01 Curtain Max Collins, Jon Siebels, Tony Fagenson, Don Gilmore
02 Victoria Max Collins, Tony Fagenson
03 Situation Infatuation Max Collins, Jon Siebels, Tony Fagenson, Don Gilmore
04 B.F.G.F. Max Collins, Tony Fagenson
05 Lion's Den Max Collins
06 Blood Brothers Max Collins, Jon Siebels, Tony Fagenson, Don Gilmore
07 Lost & Found Max Collins, Tony Fagenson
08 Moon Max Collins, Jon Siebels, Tony Fagenson
09 Downtown Max Collins, Tony Fagenson, Don Gilmore
10 Trust Me Max Collins, Jon Siebels, Tony Fagenson
11 Everything Max Collins, Jon Siebels, Tony Fagenson, Don Gilmore
12 Pick Up the Pieces Max Collins, Tony Fagenson

Song Rank

This is the order in which I enjoy the songs from this album, and their individual song ratings.

Order Title Stars
1 Curtain 6
2 Lost & Found 6
3 Victoria 6
4 Blood Brothers 5
5 Pick Up the Pieces 5
6 B.F.G.F. 5
7 Lion's Den 5
8 Moon 5
9 Situation Infatuation 3
10 Downtown 0
11 Trust Me 0
12 Everything 0

The album's total score is 180.


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